Our work in Cultural Intuitiveness™ is to serve as the bridge built upon the principles of respect, voice, cooperating and building; a span of HOPE between what we know as our present and what we envision for our future. 


The Red Ocean, one side of the bridge, represents competition and rules.  Competition sharpens our skills, challenges our possible compliance.  Rules provide the structure and foundation needed to garner trust that we may all cross the bridge to our own Blue Ocean.  The other side, the Blue Ocean represents the freedom of the undiscovered, untested; both the potential and uncertainty that tomorrow holds.  To choose to live on the side of the undiscovered can be discomforting, challenging even. However, this discomfort is necessary fuel to embrace our own evolution to our potential. The undiscovered and untested along with the competition and rules are all needed and wanted for us to balance living in today and tomorrow simultaneously– known as the present.


To help individuals embrace the challenge of living in both oceans at the same time, Cultural Intuitiveness™ meets individuals where they are at, respectfully hearing their voice, working with them and building together their leadership skills, their communication skills, their cultural competency skills and empowering them to achieve their vision of contentment where their needs and wants are met. This is a purple world, a mix of both the red ocean shore and the blue ocean shore.



Purple Bridge  (Photoart by Carol Hays)

Our work, the work of being culturally intuitive, is not about disengaging from the present reality of rules and competition (the red ocean).  Our work is not about living in the limitless possibilities of tomorrow (the blue ocean).  Our work is about allowing the rules and competition to excite us, give us life.  Our work is about appreciating the possibilities and having the courage to create what we need and want.

The innovative perspective of Cultural Intuitiveness™ is an embrace of the strength and power of both the red ocean and the blue ocean, rejecting the aspects of each that take away our power, make us unsure of our position and make us feel stuck in place. Our CI work is about helping individuals start all conversations about themselves, how their world view shaped by their past interprets their present and either holds back or propels them to their future. This starting place provides them with the answers to questions about how their experience with the rules and competition either propels or drown them; as well as how their experience of the open sky and unlimited possibility excites them or frightens them.  


We help individuals better clarify their needs and wants, their capacity and readiness, their values and principles about their power and role to lead and communicate in a culturally competent manner, providing clear values and principles (red ocean) with the grace to apply them to be received well in each individual situation (blue ocean).  We focus on beckoning them onto and across the purple bridge of hope so that they can more readily transit between both sides of the ocean, receiving what they need and want to continue to evolve to their full potential. Our purpose for CI is to help those we work with to come to a place of comfort when they no longer need to reach back to the red ocean, letting go of the fear of letting go of what they know, the self imposed limitation of time and current skills. Those we work with to become certified in CI discover and strengthen the HOPE they need to move to and stay on the blue ocean side, a place of their limitless potential, where they no longer need the purple bridge or our presence to be their cultural intuitive authentic self alive in the blue ocean.